Monthly Archives: December, 2015

December Management Meeting

Just another productive management meeting at Miracle, discussing the company’s continued growth.


New product range added, more coming soon!

Miracle’s new product range with 150 new items is now available to download on our website. Please contact us for prices and more info. Here’s a sneak peek at some more exciting new products coming early 2016!

Christmas at Miracle

Following the success of last years mince pie taste-off, Miracle’s festive feasting returns with Christmas Puddings! Despite a less than enthusiastic response from some members of the team, everyone got stuck in tasting and rating a wide range of puddings, washed down with copiuos quantities of custard. Once again, a surprise result – with Tesco’s standard range pudding seeing off the likes of M&S and the Mighty Mr Blumenthal at Waitrose.


Design office cannot wait for December to get into the festive spirit