We Fix Cheap Hair Cuts!

My barber was telling me about his recent crisis. This was a strange sensation because I thought hair dressers were supposed to be the next best thing to an agony aunt and listen to your woes.

He told me that he’d been offering the best value haircuts in the town for 20 years – price for quality. He had a big advert in the window, saying £12 haircuts you’ll be proud of. This was fine and dandy – and despite many national chain hair dressers moving into the town, he retained his customer niche. Then, 3 months ago a rival opened up a shop opposite and put a big sign in the window – £6 haircuts. My barber was distraught: 25 years of business and then to be put out of business by a speculator  – who must be buying clients, it could not be economic as his business was not a yacht earner and his costs were really low.  He went home in a deep despair, but in the middle of the night awoke with an idea. The next day he arrived at the shop with a spring in his step and put up a big sign saying “WE FIX £6 HAIRCUTS.”

The morale to this tale is that good advice costs a little more, while poor advice is a little cheaper: but which one is the false economy?

Our haircutting metaphor demonstrates that it pays to take professional advice, if you want the best result, make the most profit, the fastest turnaround times and save the most on the process. You pay for good advice – because good advice pays you. That means you come out on top. If you’ve invested money – and then had some more, would you want a cheap financial adviser or a good one!!??

The above article is from JBA to illustrate the benefits of the right advice.  Miracle are pleased to be working in partnership with JBA and more details can be found in their publication FUTUREBUILD.
Contact us for more information. 



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